“I recently had the opportunity to work with a Brazilian up and coming new Top Model – and one of the most original and sweet persons – Heloíne Mangerona. This striking Brazilian model was in Orlando for my project the New Miss Brasil USA, and I notice the professionalism and beauty of the Brazilian model.
Heloíne Mangerona, has the capacity of a supermodel and is nearly perfect, looks photogenic from every angle possible, has a perfect body, and has perfect facial features. She is natural and she’s Brazilian. According to the popular belief of blondes being ” so gorgeous”, Heloine is one of the most gorgeous models I ever met.”

-Caio Castro – Producer and Fashion Editor.

“Heloíne is an awesome artist to work with. She has a positive attitude and excited sense of urgency. Always professional and timely.”


– Steven Franco Ramirez, CEO & Founder of R.A.I.N.

“Working with Heloíne was a blessing. Hair and makeup ran late on our shoot and we had limited time. However as soon as we started shooting I could tell she was very experienced. I jokingly named it the 9 minute photoshooot, as that was all it took for her to completely nail the look. She gave me all the poses and expressions I was looking for. Highly recommend and will definitely work with her again!

Julissa Soto,  Dreams Unveiled LLC

“Heloíne was a joy to work with. Our shoot we did together was short notice but ended up being really well and will be featured in July of For guys mag. Free spirited and open minded women willing to challenge her boundaries to make some gorgeous photos. Looking forward to working with her again soon on more projects”


– GD20 photography

“Featuring the international model Heloíne as part of the 2014 DelCorpo Lingerie Catalog was spectacular. She really captured the brand attitude of DelCorpo. This partnership has been a unique experience. Since Heloíne became our primary model and face of DelCorpo, we’ve received a lot of positive reviews complimenting the products presented by her. Congratulations Heloíne, we hope you will continue to be part of the new collection in the near future. Best regards.”

– Wilde Tavares, CMO of DelCorpo Lingerie